Case Studies

When preparing for, and conducting, mergers and acquisition related activities, it is imperative that value is created and preserved. The sale of, and the acquisition of, a business is complex and it can be difficult. Well planned, it can rewarding for a wide variety of stakeholders – prior owners, new owners, key employees, suppliers and customers. This is the result of clear planning and execution.

Aetherian is committed to finding, creating and preserving value for client businesses. Some owners are disappointed in the response of prospective buyers, feeling that the value of their companies is inadequate. Some attempts to acquire businesses have resulted in disappointment and loss.

Please review these engagements and let us help you find and preserve value for your company.


Aetherian has significant experience with companies undergoing change, and especially change of control. While there are common traits in successful change engagements, the experience is significantly related to the industries: