Selling a business with value

Undertaking a change of control is one of the most important undertakings faced by business owners. Every company goes through some change of control at some point. The objective is to preserve and enhance value. Too often, objectives are not achieved.

The process is complex. It can also be difficult for the owners, for key family members, and for loyal staff members. Financial security, future roles and the legacy of key people makes the result especially important. The number of variables and the difficulty of decisions can delay effective planning.

Well planned change, prepared with professionals, can be very successful for owners, and for other stakeholders. Planning, professional guidance and effective communication can make the difference.

We can help.


This graphic illustration shows the process that your business will go through.

Selling A Business Process.

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Step By Step

Follow the process your business will take, step by step.

  1. Plan for Opportunity
  2. Plan for Change
  3. Assess Value
  4. Enhance
  5. Find Buyer
  6. Agree
  7. Close