Efficiently Close

After the best buyer offer has been identified, the closing process begins. The process is characterized by complex legal negotiations and intense due diligence activities.  The definitive purchase agreement (DPA) details are always myriad generally providing a profound impact on the seller and the buyer's team and can last up to six months. During the process contingencies must be addressed.  Financing, key employee issues, actual asset values, etc., bring new questions that must be resolved.

New professionals such as appraisers and environmental consultants will frequently be introduced.  Deadline dates, meetings, tours, document exchanges, are necessary components of the process each generating new legal, tax, and financial challenges.

We will facilitate agreements for emotionally charged and technically complex exchanges on an efficient, timely basis.  Friendly, competent, and consistent communication in the closing process is a necessary skill used to bring the parties to final agreement.  The true success of the transaction will depend on the trust and working relationship between the seller and buyer. We will contribute these relationships and build the understandings needed for a successful transfer of control.

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