Services Overview

Our Objectives

We provide many services that can benefit your business.
Following are just three methods of our approach.

Preparation Services

  1. Confidentially and carefully work with company owners and key stakeholders to understand their goals and optimize their position
  2. Assess current operations and performance
  3. Define change to improve performance
  4. Take actions to make changes and enhance value
  5. Review opportunities to leverage investment
  6. Preparation of the company for change in structure or control

Outline Strategy

  1. Consider alignments, acquisitions, divestitures that best position the company
  2. Identify likely course of action and candidates

Valuation Services

  1. Select approach to assessing value. Consider objective valuation and industry as well as company assessment.
  2. Gather information on assets, performance, and management reports. Assess performance from interested party perspective.
  3. Complete assessment of value and value drivers.
  4. Renew valuation as changes are made in the company

Intermediary Services

  1. Prepare confidentiality protections for company identity and information
  2. Prepare for search, including confidential contact and "blind" advertisement
  3. Prepare marketing documents, outlining strategic as well as operational characteristics
  4. Screen interested applicants to ensure capability as well as intent
  5. Do background verification for "serious" candidates
  6. Present information appropriate to respective buyers
  7. Engage legal and tax specialists to maximize residual value
  8. Negotiate with best qualified parties to optimize results for owners.